What are cookies:
Cookies are files (data packages) that are stored on the user’s computer in order to improve the work with a website. These files are used to recognize the user and to adapt the website to his preferences. Cookies usually contain basic information as the name of the website, to which they belong, the time they are stored on the user’s computer and a unique number. Cookies can contain random information, chosen by the owners of the website.


What are cookies used for:
The cookies are used to adapt the website content to the preferences of the individual user and to optimize the use of the website. They are also used to elaborate anonymous common statistics, which helps us to understand how the user work with websites, which helps the improvement of their structure and content, and in the same time there is no access to personal information of the user.

Examples for cookies applications:
– Establishing the identity of a registered user of a given website as a part of the process of entering or initial registration in the website, and the user is no longer asked to enter user name and password when trying to access again.
– Maintaining the „shopping basket“ for chosen items for buying from a given website during one session, for personalization of a website (showing different pages for different users).

Do cookies contain personal information:
Any personal data, which is accumulated trough cookies, can only be used for the execution of specific operations for the user. Such data is encrypted in a way, that the access to it is impossible for unauthorized persons.

Deleting cookies:
As a rule the applications used for surfing in websites allow saving cookies by default. This setting may be modified in a way that the automatic saving of cookies to be blocked in the browser or the user is informed every time before the cookies are saved on the computer. Detailed information about the different ways for work with cookies may be found in the settings of the browser application.

Limiting cookies:
Limiting cookies can be done in the browser settings, but at the same time it may affect some of the website functionalities.


Sarva Rose

YEAR 2021